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    Sell My Car

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    Selling your car means choosing between selling privately, to an online buyer, or part exchanging. We've partnered with Motorway, the #1 comparison price to your car to give you a hassle free way to compare prices and get the best offer. Here are some further details about their service...

    sell car fast
    Fair pricing

    TruePrice technology estimates what you’re likely to receive

    car sell
    Completely free service

    Motorway do not charge fees and there are no obligations to proceed with a sale

    free car information
    Read buyer reviews

    Compare customer reviews, fees and level of service for every buyer

    free car valuation
    Money in the bank

    Buyers pay by instant bank transfer the same day. Get your money fast!

    How to sell with Motorway? How to sell my car

    It’s easy to find the right offer. Motorway’s smart technology matches you with car buying websites and specialist car dealers instantly. You don’t need to waste your time comparing offers elsewhere – with one simple search, you can compare prices from different vehicle buyers who want your car.

    What documents do I need to sell? What documents do i need to sell my car

    These are the main documents and paperwork you need to sell:

    • V5C (logbook)
    • Service History
    • MOT Certificates
    • Proof of purchase paperwork showing recent expense such as, say, a set of recently fitted tyres
    • Any manuals originally supplied with the car
    How will I be paid for my car? How will I be paid for my car

    You will be paid for your car via bank transfer in all cases. The time it takes for your money to be received depends on the partner you’ve chosen to sell your car to and their payment options. Most offer a same-day transfer option, either for free or with a small transaction fee. If you are selling with Motorway’s Premium Service, it is always free to receive the money in your bank account.

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