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    Comprehensive Salvage and Auction History Check in the UK

    Discover the full salvage history of any UK vehicle by simply entering the registration number. Our detailed reports include photos, the location of salvage, damage categories, retail values, and descriptions of the damage to ensure informed decisions before purchasing.

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    Access quick, easy searches with comprehensive, easy-to-read reports, providing a seamless experience.

    Comprehensive Vehicle Report

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    Receive an initial vehicle details report, including MOT and tax information, to start your journey towards secure vehicle purchase.

    Extensive Salvage History Data

    Extensive Salvage Data

    Gain access to our extensive database with the Gold and Full Check reports, featuring over 2.6 million records, for a thorough understanding of your vehicle's history.

    Features of Our Salvage History Check Service

    Our comprehensive salvage history reports provide detailed insights into the past of any UK vehicle, covering critical aspects to inform your purchase decision.

    • Retail Value: Understand the market value of the vehicle for informed buying or selling decisions.
    • Auction Sale Date: Find out when the car was auctioned, providing insight into its history.
    • Salvage Location: Know the exact location where the vehicle was salvaged to gauge potential logistical considerations.
    • Salvage Category: Get detailed information on the type of damage and its extent, classified by industry standards.
    • Description of Damage: Receive a thorough description of the vehicle's damage to assess repair needs and costs.
    • Auction Pictures: Visual confirmation of the vehicle’s condition through photographs taken at the salvage auction.

    Why Choose Our Salvage History Checks?

    Our Salvage History Check service provides unmatched insights into the past of any vehicle, ensuring you make informed decisions with confidence.

    • Comprehensive Reports: Every salvage history check offers detailed information on salvage auctions, including auction dates, locations, and extensive descriptions of damage.
    • Unrivalled Accuracy: We leverage a wide array of data sources to ensure the accuracy and reliability of our reports, helping you understand the full story of your vehicle.
    • User-Friendly Interface: Access your salvage history reports through an easy-to-navigate platform, designed to provide you with information quickly and efficiently.
    • Dedicated Support: Our team is committed to offering exceptional customer service, assisting you with any queries about our reports or the salvage history check process.

    Trust in the quality and precision of our checks to guide your vehicle purchase or sale, backed by expertise in the UK salvage vehicle market.

    What is a Salvage Check?

    A Salvage Check reveals if a vehicle has been damaged, written off, stolen and recovered, or disposed of. It shows the vehicle's auction history, damage details, and repair status, helping you understand its overall condition and value.

    How do you check if a car has been salvaged?

    Enter the registration number on our site to access over 2.6 million vehicle records. Choose either a Gold or Full report to view the "Salvage History Check" summary, complete with details and pictures available in a new window.

    Are salvage cars worth buying?

    Salvage cars are often more affordable than non-salvage vehicles. However, owning one may affect insurance premiums. It's crucial to assess the damage extent since vehicles with certain write-off categories cannot be legally driven.

    Can I drive a salvage car?

    No, a salvaged vehicle cannot be driven, insured, or taxed until repairs are made and it's officially deemed roadworthy again. Salvage cars must be transported via towing.

    Can I register a salvage car with the DVLA?

    Yes, after repairs, contact the DVLA to register your salvage car as fit for the road. Ensure it meets all legal and safety standards.

    What are the different salvage categories and what do they mean?

    Salvage categories, determined by insurers and regulatory bodies, indicate the extent of vehicle damage. They range from 'A' (Scrap) to 'X' (No record of damage), each defining the level of damage and potential for repair or recycling.

    How do I find my car's damage history?

    To uncover your car’s damage history, perform a Salvage History Check using the vehicle's registration number. Our detailed reports provide insights into past damages, repairs, and the current condition.

    How do you check if a car has been previously written off?

    Access our Salvage History Check by entering the car's registration number. Our reports will reveal if the car has been written off, including the category of damage and any relevant details regarding its past and potential repairs.