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    Includes tax MOT and up-to-date DVLA vehicle registration information

    Experience our free car check with the largest UK car database, offering over 25+ data points for vehicles across the UK and Northern Ireland. Get the most detailed vehicle history check and DVLA car check.

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    Perform a free vehicle check effortlessly. Our report is the most comprehensive in the industry, covering DVLA car check, MOT history, tax expiry dates, and in-depth vehicle specifications.

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    Get a free car check instantly by entering the registration number of any vehicle. Whether it's a car, motorbike, or lorry, hit the “Check” button and receive detailed and reliable vehicle information.

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    We source our data directly from the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA). With access to over 49 million driver records and 40 million vehicle records, we stand as your premier UK car history check platform.

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    What's covered in our free car check and vehicle history check?

    Dive deep into a vehicle's past as recorded by the DVLA with our comprehensive car history check. Our report provides detailed graphs, MOT history, and more such as:

    1. Vehicle details - Brand, model, and reg check year.
    2. London's ULEZ (Ultra Low Emission Zone) compliance status
    3. Road tax details - including CO2 emissions, tax rates/costs, and expiry date.
    4. Complete MOT history, featuring advisory notes, reasons for failure, and the current expiry date.
    5. Mileage record, highlighting any discrepancies, total miles driven, and annual mileage patterns.
    6. For imported vehicles, the initial DVLA car check registration date in the UK is the import date, not the age of the vehicle.
    7. Engine Size (CC)
    8. Fuel type (diesel/petrol/electric/hybrid)
    9. Vehicle type approval category
    10. Vehicle's Weight
    11. Manufacturing year, excluding imported motorcycles, vans, and cars
    12. Latest V5C's issue date as provided by DVLA vehicle registration
    13. CO2 Emissions based on European standards.
    14. Congestion Charge Status

    Ensuring Legal Compliance with Vehicle Checks

    Ensuring Legal Compliance with Car Checks

    To guarantee your vehicle's legal roadworthiness in the UK, it should adhere to the following standards:

    • Up-to-date vehicle tax
    • Active MOT certification
    • Car Insurance covering a minimum of third-party damage

    Stay compliant with these legal mandates using our free vehicle check and DVLA car check services. This allows you to tap into the data maintained by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA).

    Simply input your vehicle's registration number.

    For a detailed car history check on the MOT status, utilize our MOT check service.

    To ascertain if your vehicle possesses valid insurance, consult the askMID Website.

    What's covered in a premium car history check? What's covered in a premium vehicle check?

    Our detailed vehicle report encompasses the following:

    1. General Vehicle Info

      Details such as brand, model, colour, year of manufacture, and gearbox. We also offer a DVLA car check for the vehicle's tax status.

    2. Engine & Fuel Consumption

      Discover the vehicle's power, torque, engine capacity, cylinders, fuel type, consumption, CO2 emission, and CO2 label.

    3. MOT History

      Includes the MOT expiry date, MOT pass rate, failed MOT tests, results, and insights on MOT advice, notice, fail, and minor.

    4. Damage Check

      Uncover the damage registration, repair costs, date of damage, and damage position of the vehicle.

    5. Dimensions & Weight

      Details on the vehicle's width, height, length, wheel base, and kerb weight.

    6. Owner History

      Information about the vehicle's horsepower, engine size, fuel type, and emission score.

    7. Sizes and Weights

      Vehicle dimensions, track width, and storage space.

    8. Additional Information

      Like fuel tank capacity, number of axles, and engine code.

    9. Mileage Registration

      Mileage and registration date details of the vehicle.

    For a comprehensive report, input the registration number and unveil a plethora of information about the vehicle.

    When are my tax and MOT due for my vehicle check? When are my tax and MOT due?

    Use our free car check to determine your vehicle tax and MOT expiry date. Alternatively, the GOV.UK MOT history and GOV.UK vehicle tax checkers can be used.

    Is the car history check service entirely free to use? Is car check completely free to use?

    Our car check is absolutely free for all vehicles registered in the UK and Northern Ireland. Just provide a vehicle registration number for a free vehicle inquiry.

    How can I perform a DVLA car check for MOT history? How to check if car is insured?

    With our free vehicle check service, checking a vehicle's MOT history is straightforward. Enter the vehicle's registration number to receive a thorough MOT history. This includes test results, advisory notes, failure reasons, and mileage readings. Our free vehicle check ensures you're well-informed about your current or prospective vehicle's MOT history.

    Why is a car check crucial? Why is the car check important?

    A car check is pivotal when purchasing a used car. It ensures you're not acquiring a stolen vehicle or one written off by insurers. While the DVLA provides some car history, it mainly offers MOT history, tax information, and basic vehicle details.

    Thousands of users trust our car check to discover outstanding finance on vehicles, stolen car records, insurance write-offs, and salvage/auction history.

    In 2020 alone, 74,769 vehicles were stolen. A stolen recovered or police marker on a vehicle is only visible through a car check.

    • 1 in 3 cars faced issues during their last MOT
    • 1 in 10 cars have a salvage/auction history
    • 1 in 63 cars show mileage discrepancies
    • 1 in 8 cars have been previously written off

    Why doesn't the data from my vehicle check match my car's details? Why is the car check important?

    If discrepancies arise in your car's data after a free car check, several reasons might be behind this. The DVLA car check data might be outdated due to recent changes, or there could have been an entry error. It's also possible that the vehicle's details have been tampered with or misrepresented. Always cross-check the data with other reliable sources and inspect the vehicle directly to ensure the accuracy of your car history check.