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    Our service is entirely free to use for any vehicle registered in the United Kingdom.

    A free car check includes more than 20 fields of data, including vehicle DVLA vehicle registration details, MOT, and tax Check.

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    Car tax and MOT history directly from DVLA

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    We offer you a unique vehicle history to help you make better purchase decisions.

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    Find out the detailed car history for any vehicle in the UK using our free online car check service.

    How can I check my car registration details? car reg check online

    Enter the car registration number in our website and press the "get car check" button. On the next screen, you'll find useful DVLA car registration details including MOT, Tax status including how much it will cost to tax the vehicle. You'll find useful vehicle information, such as registration date, the age the vehicle, emissions and running costs. This is all given to you for free!

    How do I find out the owner of a car? vehicle reg check online

    Unfortunately, this information is not provided by DVLA and cannot be given due to personal information confidentiality.

    Can I find out who owns a number plate? car check online

    No, again this is protected personal information about the owner which DVLA do not share. However, if you are purchasing a car from a private sale or trader, this information will be held on the V5C registration document.

    Can you get a copy of your vehicle registration online? car check online

    Of course, simply print or save the page to your device using your browser.


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