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    It can be incredibly exciting to buy a car for the first time. If you've recently passed your driving licence and looking for a vehicle, there are vital physical checks you must make. Bodywork of the car to make sure it's in good condition, kick the tyres to make sure they are not punctured and even open the bonnet to look at how clean it looks. You might even be attracted to the colour of the vehicle instead.

    However, it can come at a cost by looking at the outside of a vehicle without a car history check. The body work may have been repaired if a car has been in an accident. MOT may have failed due to bad tyres which could have affected vital parts of the running of the vehicle. The VIN number may not match as the car could have been stolen. The colour may have been changed and DVLA haven't even been informed. A car history check will give you vital information about the vehicles history.

    One of the most costly things in life can be buying a used car. It's almost like a rights of passage. School. Study. Licence. Car. Work. Relationships. Buy another car as you get more money. Buy another car as the old one had dodgy suspension from a crash you had no idea about. Buy a house. Have kids.. you can end up buying so many cars in say 10 years. Thousands spent. And yet. You never knew the history of the vehicle. Don't make a mistake by blindly buying a used car. Get your instant car report from our site. Peace of mind. That's all we offer.

    See what's included in our full car history check

    We offer three levels of car history reports, basic, gold and full checks. Some of our important checks are highlighted below.

    Write off check
    Write off check

    When a vehicle has been in an accident or damaged, the cost of the repair may exceed the value of the vehicle itself. It is therefore written off by insurers. This can affect the value of the car - which will inevitably give you choice to purchase or not. Many car owners omit information about a car history. Write off information is available with the Gold check.

    Outstanding Finance Check
    Outstanding Finance Check

    It is illegal to sell a car with outstanding finance as it is legally owned by the lender. Prior to any sale of a car, the balance of the vehicle, along with any outstanding fees or other agreements must be settled and paid in full. In the event you end up purchasing a car on finance, you will be liable to pay the lender back. In essence, the vehicle is not truly yours until the loan has been paid off. Incredibly important and is offered in our Full Check report.

    Stolen Car/ theft check
    Stolen Car/ theft check

    A car may be reported lost or stolen. The report will show you information on if a vehicle has been stolen, when it was stolen as well as contact information for the police if available. A car MAY be stolen and recovered, this can then be sold on legally. This information is offered in the Gold check.

    Previous Owner History
    Previous Owner History

    Previous owners will be shown on our report. Why is this important? In our opinion, it can go both ways. Car owners can drive calmly or rough, the more owners, the more risk that there could be more wear and tear. Reports will not show you the number of passengers, the gender or age of the previous owner. It's a simple count. Most cars with less owners can be more expensive, you may be able to haggle better with lots of owners. Ensure that you match up the number of owners with the V5C registration book. This information is offered in a Basic check

    Vehicle Mileage history
    Vehicle Mileage history

    One of the biggest problems that the modern vehicles face is "mileage clocking". This is when a vehicle owner changes the mileage before sale, most commonly in new cars which are under financed or leased. The mileage check will ensure you will have a verified source which shows the last known mileage. This will tie into the MOT history of the vehicle. Ensure you pay attention to this detail. This information is offered in a Basic check.

    Plate Changes
    Plate Changes

    A vehicle at the point of registration is given a number plate to help you identify the age of the car, which is split in three parts. A local memory tag, the age identifier and random letters. Each number plate is unique and is issued at the point of registration. The first two letters will show where the vehicle was registered, the 1st the region and 2nd the DVLA local office. The age identifier will show the vehicle age split between six month periods, March ot August or September to February. A vehicle can have a number plate change which can be done by the registered owner for personalization. We have had reports from users who are desperate to get their number plates back following a plate change, you may wish to consider this at the point of purchase. This information is offered in a Basic check.

    Customer reviews


    Car I checked was registered stolen! So glad that I performed a check. Thank you!

    Samantha Jones


    Great detailed report, can't believe how much I found out from a basic report. Thanks guys xxx

    Monica Radley


    Spot on information. Thanks

    David Hadley


    I found out afterwards my car was CAT S. Such a shame I didn't perform a car check before. :(

    Steve Chester

    Why check the history of a vehicle

    Why check the history of a vehicle?

    A vehicle may have a hidden past which you will never uncover until you have performed a history check. Gov.UK offers vehicle information such as Tax and MOT, as well as some MOT history. Our reports go further to help you make a decision when buying a used car.

    1. Have confidence when buying a used car with comprehensive instant car history report.
    2. Find out write off information, which will lower the value of a vehicle.
    3. Find out if a car stolen or HAS it been stolen?
    4. Ensure that the car has not had clocked mileage or cloned engine by checking the VIN.
    5. Understand how many owners a vehicle has had, this will have a knock on effect on wear and tear.

    How can I check a car's history for free? How can I check a car's history for free?

    You can go to car history check and simply enter any vehicle registration number. The site offers information about the car’s history based on the registration number and provides you with a free history check, including mileage, MOT and tax information.

    What's the best car history check? What's the best car history check?

    The best vehicle history check is to find out if your car has been stolen, written off and with any outstanding finance. This provides you with a comprehensive and detailed history check of the vehicle.

    How do you tell if a car has been in an accident? How do you tell if a car has been in an accident?

    Physically checking the car for any paint mismatches, dents, usual look or feel such as gaps, repair marks and shine differences. You can buy a car report using car check to see if a car has been in an accident

    How to check full DVLA MOT history check ? How to check full DVLA MOT history check?

    You can go to DVLA’s website and find out simple MOT history by entering in your registration number. A full history check is also available at MOT check buy entering your registration number and you’ll get a detailed report on Tax, if the MOT is valid, detailed car information such as mileage, colour, emissions and much more

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