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    It can be incredibly exciting to buy a car for the first time. If you've recently passed your driving license and are looking for a vehicle, you must make vital physical checks. Bodywork of the car to make sure it's in good condition, kick the tires to ensure they are not punctured, and even open the bonnet to look at how clean it looks. You might even be attracted to the color of the vehicle instead.

    However, it can come at a cost by looking at the outside of a vehicle without a car history check. The bodywork may have been repaired if a car had been in an accident. MOT may have failed due to bad tires, affecting vital parts of the vehicle's running. The VIN may not match as the car could have been stolen. The color may have been changed, and DVLA hasn't even been informed. A car history check will give you vital information about the history of the vehicle. We have even included a salvage check; if the vehicle has been salvaged, incredibly photos are included to show you the damage incurred, which could save you thousands of pounds.

    One of the most costly things in life can be buying a used car. It's almost like a right of passage. School. Study. License. Car. Work. Relationships. Buy another car as you get more money. Rent house. Buy another car as the old one had dodgy suspension from a crash you had no idea about. Buy a house. Have kids.. you can end up buying so many cars in, say, ten years. Thousands spent. And yet. You never knew the history of the vehicle. Don't make a mistake by blindly buying a used car. Get your instant car report from our site. Peace of mind. That's all we offer.

    Customer reviews


    The car I checked was registered stolen! So glad that I performed a check. Thank you!

    Amran Malik


    A great detailed report; I can't believe how much I found out from a basic report. Thanks, guys xxx

    Chelsea Mann


    Spot on information. Thanks

    David Hadley


    I found out afterward my car was CAT S. Such a shame I didn't perform a car check before. :(


    Why choose a more affordable HPI check alternative

    Why choose a more affordable HPI check alternative?

    A vehicle may have a hidden past that remains undiscovered unless you perform a thorough history check. While GOV.UK provides essential vehicle information like Tax and MOT, as well as some MOT history, our affordable alternative to HPI check offers comprehensive reports to help you make a more informed decision when buying a used car.

    1. Gain confidence in purchasing a used car with an in-depth instant car history report.
    2. Discover write-off information that can significantly impact a vehicle's value.
    3. Uncover whether the car was salvaged at an auction, with photos and damage descriptions.
    4. Determine if a car is stolen, or has been stolen in the past.
    5. Verify the car's mileage and engine integrity by checking the VIN to avoid clocked mileage or cloned engines.
    6. Learn about the number of previous owners a vehicle has had, which can affect wear and tear.

    What is included in a full vehicle history check?

    A vehicle may have a hidden past which you will never uncover until you have performed a full car history check. Our reports go further to help you make a decision when buying a used car, including

    1. Any Outstanding Finance Details include the finance company as well as the term details.
    2. Insurance Write Off This will give you the loss type and date of the accident.
    3. Salvage Check If the vehicle was seen at a salvage auction, details such as damage, description, and pictures are included.
    4. Stolen Check A police marker to show if the vehicle is currently stolen OR if the vehicle was stolen and recovered. It is illegal to drive a stolen car, so be wary of this marker.

    Other useful vehicle information includes MOT history, VIN check, plate changes, logbook, previous keeper count, Import / Export, mileage report, and helpful vehicle performance and emission details.

    What is included in a full vehicle history check?

    How can I check a car's history for free UK? How can I check a car's history for free UK?

    To check a car's basic history for free in the UK, you can use our car history check tool, which provides essential information such as mileage history, MOT history, and DVLA details. Simply enter the vehicle's registration number on our website, and you'll receive a summary of the basic information about the vehicle.

    For a more comprehensive report, you can choose from our three paid report options. These reports offer in-depth information, including previous ownership, accident records, outstanding finance, salvage and auction history, damage charts, and insurer's name. By opting for a paid report, you can gain valuable insights into a vehicle's past, helping you make an informed decision when purchasing a used car in the UK.

    Does a car history check show damage? Does a car history check show damage?

    Yes, our car history check includes information about any damage if the data is available. If the vehicle has been sent to an auction, we provide details about it as well. Our write-off report comprises damage location, helping you better understand the extent of the damage and its potential impact on the vehicle's overall condition.

    How do you find out how many owners a car has had? How do you find out how many owners a car has had?

    To find out how many owners a car has had, you can conduct a car history check using our comprehensive online tool. By entering the vehicle's registration number, you'll receive a detailed report that includes information about previous ownership. This report will indicate the number of registered keepers the car has had, helping you understand the vehicle's ownership history before making a purchase decision.

    How to check car service history? How to check car service history?

    To check a car's service history, follow these steps:

    1. Request the service records from the seller: The most straightforward way to obtain a car's service history is to ask the seller to provide the service records. These records may include invoices, receipts, and the stamped service book from authorized service centers, detailing the maintenance and repairs the car has undergone.
    2. Contact the dealership or service center: If the seller cannot provide the service records, you can contact the dealership or service center where the vehicle was serviced. They may have electronic records of the car's service history. Provide the vehicle identification number (VIN) and any other necessary information to help them locate the records.
    3. Check the manufacturer's database: Some car manufacturers maintain an online database of service records for their vehicles. Visit the manufacturer's website or contact their customer service to see if they can provide the service history for the specific car.
    4. Use third-party services: Some third-party websites or apps may provide access to a car's service history if it's available in their database. Keep in mind that these services may not be comprehensive or entirely accurate, as they rely on the data provided to them.

    It's important to note that service history is not always included in a standard car history check. Car history checks typically focus on ownership, accident records, outstanding finance, and other aspects, but may not include detailed service records. Always verify the service history separately to ensure a well-maintained vehicle.

    Are we a more affordable option compared to HPI check for car history reports? Are we a more affordable option compared to HPI check for car history reports?

    Yes, our car history check service is not only designed to be a more cost-effective alternative to HPI check but also provides additional data, such as salvage and auction history, to give you an even more comprehensive view of a vehicle's past. Our detailed reports offer valuable insights into previous ownership, accident records, outstanding finance, damage charts, and insurer's name. By choosing our affordable alternative, you can make well-informed decisions when purchasing a used car, benefiting from the extensive information we provide without breaking the bank.