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Check for Outstanding Finance by entering your car registration number.

    Check if a car has a Outstanding Finance, also known as a loan instantly.

    Before making any purchase, find out if a vehicle has outstanding finance.

    Possibly one of the essential checks to know if a vehicle has outstanding finance. Before any sale of a car, the balance of the car, along with any unpaid fees or other agreements, must be settled and paid in full.

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    Information from DVLA

    Car tax and MOT history directly from DVLA

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    Get peace of mind with a outstanding car finance history

    Get an instant, single, easy-to-read outstanding car finance report

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    We offer you a outstanding finance history to help you make better purchase decisions.

    Full Finance History
    Full Outstanding Finance History

    Find out the detailed outstanding finance history for any vehicle in the UK using our free online car check service.

    How to check if a car has outstanding finance? How to check if a car is on finance?

    Enter your registration number from the homepage then click on Full Check. The finance check will give you information about the company which has financed the car as well as contact details.

    What is outstanding finance? What is outstanding finance?

    Outstanding finance occurs when the previous owner still has the finance to pay on the car but sells it on anyway. In doing so, they are fraudulently selling the vehicle onto the next person, without declaring it in any records or communications.

    Can I sell a car with outstanding finance? Can I sell a car with outstanding finance?

    There are lots of legitimate reasons for needing to sell your vehicle before you have finished paying off any outstanding finance. Maybe your situation have changed and the vehicle is no more fit for the purpose. Or perhaps your financial situation differs and you cannot manage to keep up with the payments. No matter the reason, it is important to be aware that it is not impossible to market a car. Make sure that financial arrangements have been covered to pay off the outstanding finance and/or agree with the terms of sale with the company.

    Can I check how much finance is left on a car?  Can I check how much finance is left on a car?

    To check how much finance left on a car, enter vehicle registration and perform a full check, giving you a finance agreement date plus the finance company's phone number.

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