Vehicle Data API

Vehicle Data API for Real-Time Vehicle Data

Our car history API database holds more than 40 million vehicle records.

If you're looking to create an app, a new product or enhancing your back end internal business with Vehicle Data, we now provide a Vehicle Registration (VRM) look up API from DVLA and DVSA data.

Why Us

Reduced Cost

Elminiate the costs of additional resource, databases and licenses by using Check Car Details UK Vehicle API.

Reliability and Security Assurances

API data is sent over SSL. We provide a secure, unique API key which allows you to access data securely.

Speed & Availability

VRM data results within milliseconds, over 95% of data have valid VRM look ups. Any planned service outages are communicated ahead of time.

Data Points

Click on the data point below to see example outputs

DVLA vehicle registration details

    "registrationNumber": "BJ52SFK",
    "make": "BMW",
    "model": "X5 SPORT D AUTO",
    "colour": "BLACK",
    "fuelType": "DIESEL",
    "engineCapacity": 2993,
    "yearOfManufacture": 2006,
    "vehicleAge": "15 Years 2 Months",
    "wheelplan": "2 AXLE RIGID BODY",
    "dateOfLastV5CIssued": "2021-12-15",
    "typeApproval": "M1",
    "co2Emissions": 250,
    "registrationPlace": "Birmingham",
    "tax": {
        "taxStatus": "Untaxed",
        "taxDueDate": "2021-09-07",
        "days": "108"
    "mot": {
        "motStatus": "Valid",
        "motDueDate": "2022-07-05",
        "days": 193


Competitive pricing with no membership fees or hidden charges with only successful searches charged

Data PointCost
Vehicle Registration£0.02
UK Vehicle Data£0.10
Car History Check£1.82
MOT History£0.02
Vehicle Image Data£0.05
Vehicle Valuation Data£0.12
CustomContact Support

There is no contract, membership fee or credit company checks when signing up to use Check Car Details API. But, there is a minimum commitment of £20.00 per month, even if you do not use the API at all as this is the commitment to keep the service going. You can use the £20.00 with the data points above and when you go over this, you'll be charged at each data call.


Simple to use web service - Our Data API is is called using a standard HTTP GET request, we've made it simple as a JSON output making it incredibly easy to use and integrate - any developer will be able to use our data.

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What is a vehicle API? What is a vehicle API?

A Vehicle API, or Vehicle Data API, is a software interface that allows users to access and retrieve information related to vehicles, specifically tailored for UK vehicles. This API serves as a bridge between your website or application and a comprehensive database of vehicle information, enabling you to retrieve details about specific vehicles using a simple set of commands or requests.

By integrating a Vehicle Data API into your website or application, you can enhance the user experience by providing access to valuable vehicle-related information. This can be particularly useful for car dealerships, insurance companies, automotive enthusiasts, and anyone else who needs accurate and up-to-date data about vehicles in the UK.

How does your Vehicle Data API work? How does your Vehicle Data API work?

Getting started with our Vehicle Data API is quick and easy. Simply sign up for an account, and you're ready to go. Upon registration, a test API key will be automatically generated for you. You can start making test calls right away, free of charge. It's a seamless and hassle-free process to access the vehicle data you need.

What types of vehicle data are available through your API? What types of vehicle data are available through your API?

Our Vehicle Data API provides access to a wide range of vehicle-related information to cater to your specific needs. You can retrieve comprehensive details, including but not limited to:

  • Vehicle Registration Information
  • Car History Check Reports
  • UK Vehicle Data
  • MOT History
  • Mileage Records
  • Vehicle Image Data
  • Vehicle Valuation Data

If you require any additional vehicle-related data that is not listed here, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are committed to providing a comprehensive solution for all your vehicle data needs and can assist you in obtaining any specific information you may require. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we are here to ensure you have access to the data that matters most to you.

Is your Vehicle Data API suitable for individuals or businesses? Is your Vehicle Data API suitable for individuals or businesses?

Our Vehicle Data API is designed to cater to a wide range of users, from individual consumers looking for vehicle information to small businesses and large enterprises with diverse data needs. Whether you have a single inquiry or require data at scale, our API is suitable for all, offering flexibility and accessibility to meet your specific requirements.

How frequently is the data in your API updated? How frequently is the data in your API updated?

Our API is updated daily to ensure that you have access to the most current and accurate vehicle data available. This regular update schedule helps you make informed decisions based on the latest information about vehicles.

Do you offer a free trial period for your API? Do you offer a free trial period for your API?

Yes, we do! You can start testing our API today for free by signing up. This trial period allows you to explore our API's capabilities and see how it can meet your needs before making a commitment.