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    Spot your perfect car quickly with the patented car check and minimize the risk of buying a vehicle with unseen problems.Learn if a vehicle has been reported in an accident, stolen, has outstanding finance and more.

    Car Stolen Check

    A car may be reported lost or stolen. The report will show you information on if a vehicle has been stolen, when it was stolen as well as contact information for the police if available.

    Insurance Write-Off

    Insurance write off report will provide you with information about a vehicle if an insurance company has written off the vehicle if the cost of the repair exceeds the value. This isn't always due to accidents, it can, for example be as a result of theft, fire or water damage.

    Outstanding Finance

    Possibly one of the most important check to know, if a vehicle has Outstanding finance.Prior to any sale of a car, the balance of the vehicle, along with any outstanding fees or other agreements must be settled and paid in full.

    Number Plate Changes

    A vehicle can have a number plate change which can be done by the registered owner for personalisation. We have had reports from users who are desperate to get their number plates back following a plate change, you may wish to consider this at the point of purchase.

    Scrapped Car Check

    Along with insurance write offs which will provide information on when Cat A was issued, this report will tell you if the car has been scrapped.

    MOT History

    This is included in Check Car Details free MOT history report. This data is derived from the DVLA site and will provide you with important information which may influence you to purchase a vehicle. Look out of suspension, break disk wear and tear. Tyres are most commonly referened in MOT history reports as they are most easily worn out. Mileage will be shown at each MOT check too.

    Previous Owners

    Previous owners will be shown on our report. Why is this important? In our opinion, it can go both ways. Car owners can drive calmy or rough, the more owners, the more risk that there could be more wear and tear. Reports will not show you the number of passengers, the gender or age of the previous owner. It's a simple count. Most cars with less owners can be more expensive, you may be able to haggle better with lots of owners. Ensure that you match up the number of owners with the V5C registration book.

    Mileage Report

    One of the biggest problems that the modern vehicles face is "mileage clocking". This is when a vehicle owner changes the mileage before sale, most commonly in new cars which are under financed or leased. The mileage check will ensure you will have a verified source which shows the last known mileage. This will tie into the MOT history of the vehicle. Ensure you pay attention to this detail.

    VIN/Chasis Check

    DVLA will not allow any car checking service can provide you with the full VIN/Chasis details. Check Car Details service allows you to enter in the VIN of the vehicle and will tell you if it's a match with DVLA's database. It was common for stolen cars to have different VINs to what was originally registered with the car. Always check the VIN on the actual vehicle to match with the V5C registration booklet.

    Logbook Counts

    This will show you the number of log books issued to the registered owner at that time. A log book count may increase if an owner has lost the book. There is nothing usually to worry about but a larger number of log books may arise questions


    Whilst there is nothing wrong with having an imported car, which is a car which was not registered or manufactured in the UK, it may affect your insurance. Be wary of any vehicles which have been exported as technically it has been sent abroad outside of the UK!

    Colour Changes

    A colour change is the change of colour since manufacture, this can be done via workshops by wrapping or painting. DVLA must be informed of any colour changes so be careful if you see a colour change and this is not reflected in DVLA's database

    Weights & Dimensions

    Useful and free information provided by Check Car Details so you can see how heavy and the size of the vehicle. Particularly important if you live in an area with low bridges or weight limits.


    For all you petrol heads, free information provided by our site to show you the performance of the car. Insurance and sometimes tax can be higher with high performance cars

    Engine Data

    Useful and free information to give you the size of the engine. All tied in with fuel economy and taxation

    SMMT Details

    Vehicle data as provided by DVLA which will give you quick information about the car, such as number of seats, fuel type and gearbox information.

    Fuel Economy

    Find out the MPG of the vehicle as urban, extra urban and economy. The lower the number, the more it will cost you to run! See Running Costs for breakdowns.

    Running Costs

    Whilst most people won't pay attention to running costs, it is quite important financially to know what type of car you will end up purchasing on an affordability level. Free information provided by our service!

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    How to check the vehicle's tax? car-check

    Simply Enter the vehicle registration number. You'll find the expiry date as well as how many days left! We've even included how much TAX will be over 12 or 6 months.

    How to check when your MOT is due? vehicle-check

    Simply Enter the vehicle registration number. You'll find the entire MOT history of the vehicle as provided by the DVLA. The report will show MOT failures, advisories and warnings. Incredibly important to check the MOT history when buying a new car.

    What do I need to check when buying a used car in the UK? vehicle-check

    Buying a used car can be incredibly exciting, the bodywork, the service history may look appealing. You can view basic MOT history of the car as well as reading manufacturer's guide on the spec of the car itself. You will not know any hidden secrets the vehicle may have, how many log books have been associated to the vehicle to really important information. Insurance write offs and the extent of the damage, if the car has been stolen and if has Outstanding Finance. The car check is an inexpensive way to avoid a massive expense should anything go wrong. Check Car Details offers you a choice of three amazing reports, basic, gold and full which can give you what you need instantly. Complete peace of mind.

    How do I check my car accident history? vehicle-check-report

    Enter your registration number from the homepage then click on Gold Check. The report will show you an alert with what type of damage the vehicle has recorded by the DVLA. Click on Write-Off report to view the loss date and the loss type. This information is recorded by the insurer.

    Full Car History Check

    With our incredibly competitive price, Check Car Details can offer you with a car history check which includes over 40 fields of information.

    Outstanding Finance

    Stolen vehicle check

    Written off status

    Ownership History

    Trusted Car Check

    Our peace of mind car checks comes from various sources to provide you with vehicle check reports. These sources provide guarantees which ensure the data you receive is correct and accurate at the time you purchase. See our sample car check report to see how simple and easily we can provide you with car check report.

    Drive Legally

    To drive in the UK your vehicle must have an valid MOT, Have current vehicle tax, At least third party Car Insurance. Our Car check will ensure you meet these minimum requirements.

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    We'll provide you with your unique reference number following your purchase via email which will allow you to view the vehicle report from any device and anytime of the day.

    Vehicle History Check

    Check Car Details will provide you with detailed DVLA vehicle history check for any vehicle registered in the UK. More than 20 investigations are carried out on every car check. The basic search will provide you with Car Tax, MOT as well as other useful information.Enter a car, van or bike plate to see a vehicle's hidden past.