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    Our car check combines all the information in one place, from car tax check to MOT and insurance check. DVLA check to vehicle history checks. All you need is a vehicle registration number to make a free vehicle inquiry.

    Our free vehicle report includes:

    • MOT Check
    • Car Tax Check
    • MOT history
    • DVLA vehicle registration details
    • Vehicle Make & Model
    • Current Keeper Start Date
    • Fuel Type
    • Emissions
    • Car Insurance Check
    • Insurance Group
    • Export Check
    • Last V5C(logbook) Issue Date
    • Vehicle Age
    • Vehicle Registration Place
    • Vehicle Engine Size

    Vehicle History Check

    Check if a vehicle has been reported in an accident, stolen, has Outstanding finance and more. A car history check is designed to take the hassle out of purchasing. Helping you get on the road in your new vehicle quickly and safely.

    Car Stolen Check

    Insurance Write-Off

    Number Plate Changes

    Outstanding Finance

    Scrapped Check

    MOT History

    Previous Owners

    Mileage Check

    VIN/Chasis Check

    Logbook Check

    Imported / Exported

    Colour Changes

    Weights & Dimensions


    Engine Data

    SMMT Details

    Fuel Economy

    Running Costs


    Vehicle Details

    How to perform a free car check?

    Make vehicle inquiry just three quick steps.

    vehicle inquiry

    It doesn't take long

    Pop in a car registration number

    Choose your report free car check report

    Choose your report

    Choose the report to find out what we offer in our comprehensive checks.

    See your car report

    See Your Report

    Instant access to your free vehicle report and we will send a link to your report to your email.

    Car tax check and MOT history directly from DVLA.

    Information from DVLA

    Car tax check and MOT history directly from DVLA.

    Get an instant, single, easy-to-read report.

    Get peace of mind

    Get an instant, single, easy-to-read report.

    unique car reports


    We offer you a unique car reports to help you make better purchase decisions.

    Print Friendly

    Print Friendly

    We provide a complete print friendly check in a single report.

    How to check if a car is taxed? How to check if a car is taxed?

    Go to our Car Tax Check page and enter the vehicle registration number. You'll find the expiry date as well as how many days left! We've even included how much TAX will be over 12 or 6 months.

    How to check when your MOT is due? How to check when your MOT is due?

    Go to our MOT Check page and enter the vehicle registration number. You'll find the entire MOT history of the vehicle as provided by the DVLA. The report will show MOT failures, advisories, and warnings. Incredibly important to check the MOT history when buying a new car.

    What do I need to check when buying a used car in the UK?  What do I need to check when buying a used car in the UK?

    Buying a used car can be incredibly exciting; the bodywork, the service history may look appealing. You can view the basic MOT history of the vehicle as well as the reading manufacturer's guide on the spec of the car itself. You will not know any hidden secrets the car may have, how many logbooks have been associated with the vehicle to essential information. Insurance write-offs and the extent of the damage, if the vehicle has been stolen and if it has Outstanding Finance. The vehicle check is an inexpensive way to avoid a massive expense should anything go wrong. Check Car Details offers you a choice of three amazing reports, basic, gold, and full, which can give you what you need instantly—complete peace of mind.

    How to check if car is insured? How to check if car is insured?

    You can check if your vehicle has valid insurance by using the Check car insurance Website.

    Trusted Data Sources

    Our peace of mind checks comes from various sources to provide you with vehicle reports. These sources offer guarantees which ensure the data you receive is correct and accurate at the time you purchase. See our sample report to see how simple and quickly we can provide you report.

    Drive Legally

    To drive in the UK, your vehicle must have a valid MOT, Have current vehicle tax, At least third party Car Insurance. Our free car check will ensure you meet these minimum requirements.

    Access from any device

    We'll provide you with your unique reference number following your purchase via email, which will allow you to view the vehicle report from any device and any time of the day.

    Check Car Details will provide you with a detailed DVLA vehicle history check for any vehicle registered in the UK. More than 20 investigations are carried out on every check. Enter a car, van, or bike plate to see a vehicle's hidden past.


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